Cans of the Month
August 1999

This issue features a pair of unusual 11 ounce beer cans. The 11 ounce cans were west coast phenomenon. In fact, all but two of the thirty-four 11 ounce cans listed in the Class Book of US Beer Cans, are from Washington, Oregon, and California. The two exceptions, the Golden Pilsener and Uinta Club, were brewed in Ogden, Utah. The typical 11 ounce can is about the same height as the standard 12 ounce cans but has a slightly smaller diameter. There are only two exceptions to this style pictured in the Class book are the Heilemans Old Style from Seattle and the Goebel 22 from Oakland. These two cans are the same diameter as the typical 12 ounce can but are shorter in height. A regular 12 ounce Goebel is pictured just to compare the sizes. The Goebel 22 pictured is especially unusual. It lists itís brewery being in Detroit, Michigan. The reverse panel of this can lists the volume as 11 ounces or 32.5 centiliters. The reverse also shows the famous Goebel rooster and the Life magazine insignia. This single can breaks the pattern of the typical 11 ounce west coast can.
The Heilemans and the Goebel on the left are rare short 11 oz cans.

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