BEERCANS.ORG - Tennent's Scenes We are trying to compile a complete list of all known Tennents English and Scottish scene cans. The best guesses of experienced Tennents collectors places the total including both 12 ounce and 16 ounce beer cans. On the following pages is a nearly complete pictorial listing of all these older Canadian cans. We need your help to complete the list. If you know of can not on the list please send us an email Tennents Scenes Project

. We will make certain that it gets included. Thanks to all the collectors for your help so far.

12 Ounce Tennent's Lager

16 Ounce Tennent's Export

16 Ounce Tennent's Lager


The final pictured English scene can entitled "Young Lady in Trafalger Square" spurred numerous letters from the British overseas troops. They wanted to see more of Ann and they did. The first Tennents Ann can clearly came from the same photo shoot as the original. It was the original Tennent's English scene can that started the famous Tennent's girls series. If you have any scene cans that are not pictured, please email us a picture so we can use it in the list. Thanks for everyone's help so far. Home