BEERCANS.ORG - Canadian Flats Part 1 We are trying to compile a complete list of all known Canadian Flats and Conetops. On the following pages is a nearly complete pictorial listing of all these older Canadian cans. We will be adding text to explain the differences between the nearly identical cans very shortly. We need your help to complete the list. If you know of can not on the list please send us an email Canadian Can Project

. We will make certain that it gets included. Thanks to the many Canadian can collectors that have already provided pictures for this project.
p101 Alpine
p103 Alpine
p105 Alpine

p107 Carling Black Label
p109 Carling Black Label
p111 Carling Black Label

p113 Carling Black Label
p115 Carling Black Label
p117 Bradings

p119 Bradings
p121 Cinci
p123 Cinci

p125 Dow
p127 Dow
p129 Dow

p131 Dow
p133 Dow
p135 Dow

p137 Cinci
p139 Cinci
p141 Bradings

p143 Dow
p145 Dow Kingsbeer
p147 Kingsbeer

p149 Kingsbeer
p151 Kingsbeer
p153 Kingsbeer

p155 Labatts 50
p157 Labatts 50
p159 Labatts IPA

p161 Labatts IPA
p163 Labatts IPA
p165 Labatts IPA

p167 Labatts IPA
p169 Labatts IPA
p171 Labatts Pilsener

p173 Labatts Pilsener
p175 Labatts IPA
p177 Labatts Pilsener

p179 Labatts Pilsener
p181 Labatts IPA
p183 Labatts Pilsener

p185 Laurentide

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