The Real Identity of Cans
Sicks Select Red Top Mustang Royal 58
Burgermeister Rainier Krausen Brau Golden Crown Red Top
Beverwyk Monticello Schmidts Old Frisco
The actual cans from our homepage.

We have used actual beer cans as the background for our page links. Pictured here are the actual cans. The Sicks' Select can is from the Sicks' Seattle brewery, named after Emil Sick. The two Red Top cans are from the Red Top brewery of Cincinnati. Mustang malt liquor is from Pittsburgh Brewing the makers of Iron City beer. The Royal 58 is from the Duluth Brewery of Duluth, Minnesota.

The first can on the second row is from the San Francisco Brewing. The Rainier was brewed at the Rainier Brewery of San Francisco. The Golden Crown is from Maier of Los Angeles.

Beverwyk Brewing of Albany, New York made the cone top on the bottom row. The second can is from the Monticello Brewery of Norfolk, Virginia. Schmidts of Detroit made the next cone top. Schmidt's breweries in St. Paul, MN, and Philadelphia make their own Schmidt brands. The Old Frisco is from Grace Brothers of Santa Rosa, California. Finally, the Alps Brau is from Centilivre Brewing of Fort Wayne, Indiana.